Flex Packs

Flex packs are vouchers that can be exchanged for seats to a future Blades game.  Perfect as gifts, or for fans with uncertain schedules, Flex Packs can be customized based on how many games you would like to attend.

Flex Pack Voucher Testimonials

"I found the flex packs to be very convenient. I was able to pick and choose which games to see as my schedule didn't allow me to attend them all. I could also use the tickets to take my friends to games as well.  I really enjoyed the flexibility the packs offered. In this case the name flex paks really fits!  The games were fun! Great rink! Great seats! If you can't make all the games a flex pak works well." - Flex Pack Holder John Luukkonen

Flex Packs are only available through the Blades office.  Purchase yours today by calling one of our Ticket Representatives at 306-975-8844. 

Flex packages are not available for Club Seating, Wheelchair / Special Needs, or Attendant price categories.


Flex vouchers are not valid for Playoff games and do not carry over to future seasons.